When looking for more traditional buy to let properties we are usually looking for affordable housing that attracts long term tenants often families which are close to amenities likes shops and schools in the suburbs of large towns and cities.

These properties are attractive as they fit the biggest demographic of the UK in supplying homes in both the tenant/owner market to those families and individuals at the foot of the housing ladder. Whilst property prices are relatively low, rental yields are often high (up to 10%) and with stable long term tenants often footing the monthly bills for their landlords this allows capital growth of the property value over time.

Latest Opportunities

We often have single properties from across the UK in largely deprived areas that have high local demand for renting. This means prices are low, voids are minimal and rent is regular with many of our properties ready tenanted and ready managed so that you don’t have to worry about them being let.

Key Investment Facts
  • Typical 2 up 2 down Terraced or Semi-Detached style houses
  • Property Prices below £100,000
  • 10% rental yield often with sitting tenants
  • Often in areas where we can quickly find a buyer
  • Capital appreciation based on 10 year investment
  • Ideal for instant rental returns or for redevelopment and flip

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