Many of you will know Peter Jones, one of our resident property experts and contributors. Peter is a Chartered Surveyor, author, and property investor and is also the host of the Progressive Property podcast.

What you may not know is that back in 2006 Peter came up with a unique way of making his expertise and guidance available “remotely” to 100 “Apprentices” in his highly successful and hugely acclaimed The Property Millionaires Fast Track 100.

In fact, it was so successful that over a three year period over 500 individuals “apprenticed” on The Property Millionaires Fast Track 100 and many of them went on to achieve excellent, in some cases even amazing results, building their property businesses and creating financial freedom and independence.

“So what?”, you may ask. Good question

Well, we’re really excited and delighted to announce that as a very special component of the Property Secrets Pro Membership package we have persuaded Peter to dust off his The Property Millionaires Fast Track 100 programme, and update it for 2018, so you can use it too to build your property business and create financial freedom and independence for yourself!

To avoid confusion we thought we’d better give it a new name so we’re calling it The Successful Property Investor’s Financial Freedom Blue Print aka The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 programme.

Yes, I guess that is a bit of a mouthful but if you know Peter you’ll know that whatever it’s called he’ll be stuffing it full of good, sound practical advice, tips, techniques and strategies which you can use and apply to make property work for you, and to achieve YOUR property and financial goals.

In 2018 and beyond!

And I know that this will be invaluable to the Property Secrets Pro Members.

How do I know?

Because every month I receive emails with questions like……..

  • Dan, how can I obtain the best finance deals around?
  • Dan, how can I find the best property deals?
  • Dan, where should I be buying property
  • Dan, what sort of property should I be buying?
  • Dan, how I can know if I’m getting a discount from the true open market value of a property when I buy it?
  • Dan, how do I find buyers who will sell at “below market prices”?
  • Dan, where do I find the money do to Nothing Down Deals?
  • Dan, how do I start if I have little or no capital?
  • Dan, how do I know if a property will make a good investment and what yield should I be targeting?
  • Dan, can I really STILL make money in property or have I missed the boat?
  • Dan, how do I “plan” a property business that will really work?
  • Dan, when should I pull equity out to buy even more properties?
  • Dan, how can I structure my property holdings in the most tax efficient manner?
  • Dan, how can I own multiple properties?
  • Dan, can I REALLY become financially free through property?
  • Dan, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you help me…..?

Well, yes I can, because in The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 Peter is going to answer all of these questions and more besides.

As Peter pointed out to me the other day, there are many other very important questions that AREN’T on that list but which all property investors need answering at some stage such as:

Which strategy should I adopt – there seem to be so many different strategies these days? It’s all so confusing.

How can I know which strategy is right for me?

How do I know if a property fits that strategy?

How do I get started if I’ve never done anything like this before?

Can I invest in property even if I have NO money?

What if I have bad credit?

How do I assemble the team I need to help me to succeed (like solicitors, mortgage brokers, builders etc)

What does a good investment actually look like? How do I run the figures like a pro?

What should I be looking for when I inspect a property? And how do I recognise it?

What if I’m already in property but I want to grow my portfolio?

What if I’m already in property but I want to change what I do and how I do it!?

And many, many more. I could go on and on, but I won’t, I’m sure you get the point.

Peter is going to answer all the questions you need answered, even the ones you haven’t thought of yet! : )

Just in case you are still wondering why Peter is qualified to help, Peter is a Chartered Surveyor by background but also a serial investor who has, over the last 18 years, built up a portfolio of over 70 properties worth in excess of £5m. And all, as he puts it, having started with NONE of his own money (and by the way, that’s not hype – he started when he had been made redundant and had no savings – I’m sure he’ll tell you his story sometime).

So everything he’ll tell you and show you is based on his personal experience of over 35 years in property, 18 of them as an investor in his own right, and from having helped and mentored many others along the way.

Peter is also still a very keen student of property, and keeps his ear to the ground so he is up to date on all that is going on in the world of property – market changes, new laws, changes to regulations, and how investors are adapting with new techniques and strategies.

He’s perfectly placed to help you to keep up as well, and to help you to interpret it so you know how it affects you, and what you need to do about it.

And he’ll be showing you all of this, as well as everything I’ve already mentioned, in The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0

The lucky participants in The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0, the programme Peter has devised to help those who are serious about their journey to property success, will find themselves accelerated towards achieving their property and financial goals..

I have to confess to being extremely envious of our Pro Members who will receive access to Peter’s programme, I know it’s going to make a massive difference to their property business.

But before we go any further it would be only fair to tell you what The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 ISN’T.

It ISN’T just another lame, dry Home Study Course. It will be delivered to you monthly by email but it’s not like any other monthly programme you’ve ever received about property.

As far as I am aware a programme like this has never been tried before and it is ground breaking in its approach. As Peter puts it, the world doesn’t need yet another home study course, we just need to get out there and do it!

It will NOT be personal one-on-one mentoring – unfortunately, much as Peter would like to coach everyone individually, he just doesn’t have the time to do it.

It will NOT be Peter doing everything for you – let’s face it, if you want to be a success in property there’s only one person who can do it for you and that’s YOU. So Peter will not be investing your money for you, Peter will not be telling you which street you should buy in (although he will show you how to find them), and he will not be taking responsibility for your decisions (but you’ll be much better informed when you make them).

However, let me tell you what The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 WILL BE:

It WILL be for committed individuals who want to succeed in property

IT WILL be for investors who want to get into property but who don’t know where to start

It WILL be for anyone who already owns property but who wants to greatly increase the returns they get from their property business

It WILL be for anyone who wants to “apprentice “ with Peter – month by month he will show you the steps he took to build his property business and he will suggest to you the steps you should take to build your own highly profitable property portfolio.

It WILL be for anyone who wants to learn not just about the actions Peter has taken to succeed in property, so that YOU can take them too, but also what his SPECIAL GUEST EXPERTS have to say on subjects like:

  • How to get the best finance deals available today
  • How to buy property safely and profitably, and how to ensure you buy the “RIGHT” property
  • How to stop the Chancellor getting his hands on all your hard-earned property profits
  • How to deal with an estate agent to make sure you get the best possible deal
  • How to get direct to Vendor and buy ‘BMV’ deals
  • How to make sure you maximise your monthly cash-flow…

…and much more insider knowledge that can only come from experts in their fields. I’m really looking forward to Peter grilling them on your behalf.

It WILL be for anyone who wants to be a PROPERTY MILLIONAIRE – OK, I can’t guarantee you will get there but what I can say is that Peter will show you how he did it, and suggest ways that you can use his knowledge and experience to do it too. Then it’s over to you.

The premise behind Peter’s programme is that what we don’t need is more theory.  There’s plenty of material available nowadays to teach us all how to do it.  In fact, Peter himself has contributed several books and other material, and great stuff it is as well.  They all come highly recommended.

But instead, Peter recognises that for most of us the key is not to learn more, but to take action with what we do know.  And I have to say I totally agree.

The second premise behind Peter’s programme is that it is far easier to succeed at anything, such as property investing, if you can study the steps taken by somebody who is already successful in that field.


And that is exactly how The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 programme works. Peter has broken down the processes that he used to build his substantial property portfolio into a monthly programme.  Every month his apprentices will receive a Module, called a ‘STEP’ containing detailed information on what they should be doing and why, along with specific tasks to undertake for that month.  Month by month these tasks build upon each other until, hopefully, the inevitable result should be property success.

You know, they say, that the best way to succeed is to copy someone successful, and that’s what I want to give you the chance to do. That’s why I was so keen to persuade Peter to make this available for Pro Members.

So is Peter’s programme just for beginners?  No not at all.  As the premise behind it is action, Peter is equally keen to encourage existing and experienced investors to question the strategy and actions that they currently take, the techniques they currently use, and the types of properties they are currently buying, and to reassess whether they are actually as effective and efficient as they might like to think they are.

Peter says, “It’s extremely gratifying when you do something like this and the feedback is so positive. I heard from complete beginners who wanted to get into property but who just didn’t know where to start. But now, knowing they are doing it along with many others in the same position, they have new confidence and purpose. They are now buying their first properties and hopefully won’t look back.

Then there’s the more experienced investors who signed up. One lady emailed me to thank me for the programme saying that as result of undertaking the monthly steps she had bought four new properties and she felt like she was really motoring and not just plodding along! And that was only after four months. Just think what she achieved over a year. Hearing stories like that makes it all worthwhile”.

Which is why I am so excited to work with Peter to launch The Property Millionaires Fast Track 2.0 for 2018, for Property Secrets Pro Members.

Like the sound of becoming a Property Millionaire….. GO PRO today!

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