How to tell if an area is worthy of investment?

When you take property investment down to its fundamentals, there are three, key factors which influence its success. These are choice of location, choice of property and choice of tenant. Of these, your choice of location is arguably the most important since it will heavily influence your options for choosing […]

The UK’s top 5 cities for student property investment

The UK student property market has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and its ever-changing landscape is certainly an interesting one to watch. One of the most notable trends has been the gradual shift away from the traditional dominance of London and south east England, towards regional towns […]

Property Investment: Where to Buy in 2017

Location is famously key to successful property investment. Choosing the right market in which to invest is key to success, but of course trends are always marching on and the list of best investment locations is ever-changing. Here are some of the locations that are expected to distinguish themselves as […]

London – Where To Buy In 2017

Mark Lawrinson, Regional Director of Portico London Estate Agents, reveals the key areas in London tipped for house price growth this year: 1. East Croydon Our secret reason to buy or invest here: “Young professionals are looking for a mix of luxury and affordable living and East Croydon fits the bill […]

Many Britons believe property to be the ideal retirement investment

Many Britons are now thinking that investing in property is the best way to plan for retirement. In fact, there are more people who believe this to be a better investment than those who think a pension is the best choice. This highlights the confidence that people now have in […]

How To Decide Which Properties To Buy

A few years ago I surprised even myself: I’d completed on one property, I’d another completing shortly, and had offers accepted on fourteen others. After a period of selling to rid the portfolio of the less-well performing properties, when all these purchases would be in the bag, I’d have doubled […]