6 property management tips for new landlords to protect your investment

With the stamp duty holiday and other favourable market conditions since the UK emerged from its first lockdown, more investors are becoming landlords for the first time. New landlords are also using mortgages to fund their property purchases more often than in previous years, suggesting that many will be intent […]

Tips for managing an empty property investment

Ideally, your investment property should always be occupied. In the real world, however, that is not likely to happen, even in the residential rental market and it is even less likely to happen in the short-term lettings market. However you will need to learn how to manage an empty investment […]

The HUGE unprecedented ‘contrarian’ opportunity right now

Despite the huge contrarian investing opportunities since the crash and recession of 2007 and beyond, despite far higher cashflow and yields, despite far lower prices and bigger discounts, despite much less competition and low cost of finance… Property investors are facing brand-new challenges that are holding many previous professionals back […]