Can the government bring about the tax reforms property investors are calling for?

With Britain expected to depart the European Union by October 31 and still no deal in place, it’s fair to say now is a sensitive time in British politics. However, negotiating Brexit is not the only major challenge confronting the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The British economy, while hardly […]

IHT: Is Your Property ‘Related’?

Mark McLaughlin highlights a potential problem for married couples and civil partners regarding valuations of jointly-owned property. Valuing assets such as land and buildings is potentially tricky for various tax purposes, including inheritance tax (IHT) on making a chargeable lifetime transfer, or on death. One area of potential difficulty is […]

Private Residence Relief For Landlords

Property Tax Insider looks at the mechanics of capital gains tax private residence relief, and how residential property landlords may be able to claim relief. With landlords facing capital gains tax (CGT) rates of 18% and/or 28% on the disposal of residential properties, this article considers the availability of private residence […]

Putting Someone ‘On The Property Deeds’ Is Not Necessarily The Answer

Mark McLaughlin highlights the distinction between legal and beneficial ownership of land, and some potentially unexpected tax implications. A popular expression among taxpayers seems to be putting someone ‘on the property deeds’. This expression broadly means changing the legal ownership of a property. For example, the property could be the […]