Let’s get one thing straight: Property Subsidence doesn’t have to be scary

Between 2016/17, 184,000 homes were built in England. During this time, hundreds of homes and buildings across Britain were severely damaged, following extreme weather conditions including heatwaves, flash floods and sub-zero temperatures. According to conservation charity, WWF, the impact of such conditions is estimated to have cost the British economy […]

Homebuyer’s property checklist

Our friends at AA Insurance have provided us with some of the most important answers to the most needed questions when it comes to buying a property. Of course, first impressions count when you’re buying a new home or moving house. You’re picturing how you’ll furnish each room, which shades […]

Subsidence: How to spot it and how to stop it

What exactly is subsidence? Subsidence happens when the soil under a building gets drier and starts to shrink. It’s a very common problem on clay soils and on gravel. This shrinkage can cause a building to move. There are a number of possible causes and the most common is the […]