From plans to reality: A new-build timeline you can trust

Purchasing a new-build differs in many ways to the purchasing of an older, pre-established property; from your first meeting, when you see the initial plans for the home, to collecting your keys, there are several additional stages you need to consider. Granville Developments’ Managing Director, Matthew Firth, has composed a […]

Britain’s Ghost Houses

Many property auction newcomers wonder where the stocks of houses that fall under the hammer come from. The reasons they appear are many and various: bank repossessions, council and public sector disposals, private sector surpluses, company cashraising purposes, divorce settlements, unmortgagable properties that would stick in an estate agent’s window, […]

Planning permission – what you need to know

Before you start developing your property it is essential you obtain any necessary planning permission. In the latest of our Property Basics series, we tell you why – and, more importantly, how. There are very good reasons for doing things by the book: You will be protected from making mistakes […]

8 tips to design the perfect self-build investment property

1. Long views Look at a plan view of your property. Consider what you see and how far you see from some key strategic points: As you enter the front door As you enter the back door Generally, from any point where you may be parked, e.g. sitting on your […]

Creating a successful management plan for your self-build project

There are two purposes for creating this plan: It will clarify things for you It will convince others – including your financiers – that you know what you are doing Your project plan should cover the following key points: State the objectives of the scheme, including your profit targets, the […]

Self-build – foundation slabs and groundwork

Strip or trenchfill – a 600mm wide perimeter of concrete around the base of the property a metre or so underground. Raft – A slab of concrete sitting on the ground and knitted together with embedded steel. Piles – Posts cut very deep and filled with steel and concrete. The […]

Planning permission – getting the go ahead

It might be tempting to avoid the hassle of applying for the various permissions you may need to develop your property, but obtaining planning permission is vital. There are very good reasons for doing things by the book: You will be protected from making mistakes such as knocking down a […]

Top 11 tips for self-builders who want to maximise their profit

Follow this advice to get the best from your self build project: 1) Pull together a good financial plan that shows all your project costs, contingencies, fees, loan payments. Package this into your projected sales value and calculate your headline profit. Since your scheme is all about profit, have this […]