4 Signs To Look Out For In A Bad Property Investment

Contrary to popular belief, being a landlord isn’t quite as straightforward as it once was. Various legislation changes have certainly made the game more difficult – and this means it is more crucial than ever before to ensure that you’re extra vigilant with your initial purchase. While you can never […]

Transferring Rental Income To A Lower Tax Paying Spouse: The ‘Settlements’ Trap

Alan Pink considers an anti-avoidance barrier to sharing income between spouses for tax purposes. A lot of other countries tax the income of married couples in a different, and arguably much more sensible, manner. Rather than taking each of the spouses as a separate individual, they charge tax based on […]

Transferring Rental Income – Anti-Avoidance Problems?

Some individuals who own investment (e.g. buy-to-let properties) may wish to transfer rental income to someone else, whilst retaining ownership of the property. For example, a parent may wish to pass on rental income to adult children, perhaps to provide their offspring with additional funds for further education, or help […]