Revealed: The biggest property viewing turn-offs

Property viewing is an important part of the buying/renting experience. Primarily, property seekers want to assess the condition of a potential home and envision themselves living there before progressing to make any firm decisions on buying or renting. With this in mind, it should be the responsibility of the landlord […]

Maximise Tax Relief When ‘Doing Up’ Your Buy-To-Let

Sarah Bradford explores the tax reliefs on offer when renovating a buy-to-let property. Buying a property to renovate and then let out, can be an attractive proposition, particularly where the buyer has the skills to undertake a lot of the work him or herself. However, while the aim is to […]

Alternative Ways of Adding Value to Your Property

Adding value to your property can be simple. However, too many people try to do it via the old clichés: new kitchen, building an extension, new bathroom. Although these are useful for boosting the value of your home; they’re also incredibly expensive. There’s also a chance that, if you’ve looked […]

5 Tips – Selling your House

First Impressions Count Consider the first impressions. ‘Kerb appeal’ is the expression that’s most often used to describe how a property should look to buyers seeing it for the first time. What you are really aiming for is a property that looks well-maintained and is clean and tidy. Buyers want […]

How to design your self-build property for maximum profit

When you design a home, you need to consider at least the following factors: How it operates How pleasant it feels to use How it looks How much it costs How much it will be worth Designing for function This is a pretty obvious concept. Draw a list of activities […]

Understanding renovation and refurbishment costs

If you are buying the property in Knightsbridge, London you have to refurbish according to the value of the property. If you are buying a small terrace cottage in an ex-industrial district, you will want to spend much, much less. As a rule of thumb, look to spend a maximum […]