10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Tradespeople

When engaging with tradespeople, what you say matters. Whether it’s a plumber, electrician or carpenter, certain phrases can ruin the interaction and overall job experience. The relationship between you and your tradesperson should be a harmonious and professional one. However, like any other relationship, there’s potential for hiccups if not […]

Property Renovation: How to handle a dispute

Disputes with your contractor can arise for a huge variety of reasons, though there are, of course, a list of usual suspects that come up again and again. Unnecessary delays, additional ‘unforeseen’ costs, and producing substandard work are common problems faced by the property developer. There are many ways to […]

Planning permission – what you need to know

Before you start developing your property it is essential you obtain any necessary planning permission. In the latest of our Property Basics series, we tell you why – and, more importantly, how. There are very good reasons for doing things by the book: You will be protected from making mistakes […]

Renovations – basic principles

Every additional month that a renovation takes will cost approximately £600 per £100,000 borrowed (assuming a 7% interest rate). Speed is of the essence. Focus on the items that have the greatest impact and develop them swiftly. Take on projects that can be completed in a short space of time […]