The Essential Skills To Start A Real Estate Business

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular alternative investments on the market today. Running a real estate company can be incredibly rewarding, and very lucrative. However, there are many skills needed in order to run a successful real estate business that many people don’t consider when they […]

Demand for property development finance is set to rise in 2020. Here’s why…

Development finance has experienced impressive growth over the past decade or so, but to many the term may still be unclear. Put simply, it is a form of alternative finance — a lending mechanism that sits outside the channels of traditional finance institutions — that is used by property developers […]

The Property Insiders Podcast

In wanting to provide you with some expert insight on the property market in London and the rest of the United Kingdom we have teamed up with some of the country’s leading figures in Real Estate through Buy Association, Sotheby’s and presenter, producer and Instagram influencer Charli Fisher who along […]

How to take advantage of property investment in 2019

In June 2016, the UK made the historic decision to leave the European Union. Yet over two and a half years later, with the Brexit deadline of 29 March 2019 fast approaching, the British public are still none the wiser when it comes to understanding how the process will be […]

What may the 2018 Autumn Budget have in store for landlords?

After a turbulent couple of years, landlords will be hoping for respite and perhaps positive news from the Autumn Budget, which will be delivered on Monday, October 29th. Much of the UK’s financial landscape has been dominated by Brexit during 2018. Initial optimism that a deal would be agreed between […]

What Should Landlords Expect from 2018?

Buy-to-let landlords could easily be forgiven for thinking that politicians have developed an intense dislike for them and yet the strength of the UK rental market means that BTL continues to soldier on. Here are 6 “fast facts” for BTL investors to digest as we enter into 2018. Energy efficiency […]

Investing in Canada? 5 Tips for a Smoother, More Profitable Experience

International capital loves Canadian real estate. With more than $1 trillion expected to flow into global real estate from China alone over the next decade, investors large and small are looking to stake their claim in the Great White North. The opportunity is there for you, as well — if […]

The 5 Most Popular U.S. Markets for British Property Investors

There is no doubting that the markets are on a roll this year.  Look at the stock markets and they are going through the roof.  Bitcoin has also taken off like a rocket ship.  But don’t forget  property investments.  In the U.K., values have increased by nearly 5 percent and […]

British Expats in the UAE Discussing Implications of Brexit

The United Arab Emirates is currently home to 100,000 expatriate Britons. Many of these expats will be eligible to vote in the UK’s upcoming referendum on its membership of the EU, and as such the UAE’s sizeable British community has found itself in heated discussion on the matter. There has […]

Undervalued Property and Where you Can Grab a Bargain

Purchasing a property abroad was already an exciting prospect but with the increased stamp duty rate being introduced in April it could become and even more inviting proposition. Purchasing a second home in the UK will mean that the buyer will have to pay stamp duty plus an additional 3% […]