Can the government bring about the tax reforms property investors are calling for?

With Britain expected to depart the European Union by October 31 and still no deal in place, it’s fair to say now is a sensitive time in British politics. However, negotiating Brexit is not the only major challenge confronting the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The British economy, while hardly […]

IHT: Is Your Property ‘Related’?

Mark McLaughlin highlights a potential problem for married couples and civil partners regarding valuations of jointly-owned property. Valuing assets such as land and buildings is potentially tricky for various tax purposes, including inheritance tax (IHT) on making a chargeable lifetime transfer, or on death. One area of potential difficulty is […]

That’s A Relief! Replacement Of Domestic Items

The Property Tax Insider team explains how landlords can obtain tax relief when replacing certain domestic appliances. Where a landlord lets a property, domestic items may be provided as part of the let. Where the let is unfurnished, this may only include curtains and minimal white goods, whereas in a […]

Changing Your Mind – Property Trading Vs Property Investing

Alan Pink considers the tax charges that can arise when a trading property becomes an investment and vice versa. Tax planning for property can be fraught with problems, particularly in relation to the all-important question of whether a property-based activity is trading or investment for tax purposes. The distinction is […]

How investing your buy-to-let income in peer-to-peer lending could boost your profits

Richard Litchfield is Head of Operations at Lending Works. Here he explains how landlords can boost their profits by investing their rental income in peer-to-peer lending. Tighter tax and mortgage regulations have hit the buy-to-let market hard in recent years. In fact, investment in rental properties fell from £25 billion […]

Putting An Investment Property In Joint Names Before Sale

Sarah Bradford looks at when it can be beneficial to transfer an interest in an investment property to a spouse or civil partner prior to sale. The tax system affords some tax breaks to married couples and civil partners and it is possible, depending on personal circumstances, to use these […]

UK Buy-to-Let Landlords looking to Diversify Property Portfolios due to Difficulties in keeping up with Changing Tax Regulations

Many buy-to-let landlords in the UK are looking to diversify their property portfolios, having been unable to keep up with the various changes to the UK tax system in recent years. In data from a new survey conducted by specialist lender OneSavings Bank, it is known that 51% of brokers […]

Death is my exit strategy & I want to pay down my mortgages Property and UK Tax

Over the past six weeks I’ve been discussing UK tax and property, and for the final instalment in the series, I want to consider death as an exit strategy and the implications of this from a tax point of view. It’s not uncommon for an investor to say that “death” […]