Property Investors Sticking To Strategy During Brexit

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has commissioned research uncovering the impact Brexit has had on the intentions of 500+ UK property investors. Importantly, the research reveals that the appetite for property as an asset remains strong, with many actively seeking new opportunities regardless of Brexit. In fact, only 7% of investors […]

A Top Tip for Finding Deals: Estate Agents Part 2

In my last blog post I started to think about finding deals through estate agents (read here); however, there can be some challenges with this. Quite often, if you walk into an agent’s office and state that you’re an investor, you’re likely to be faced with indifference or irritation because […]

Property Strategies 5: Getting Creative With Your Investments

We’ve spent some time looking into the various different property strategies that are available to us and today, we’re going to think about how we can be more creative in our investing. From No Money Down to the use of options, assisted sales and delayed completion, property investing can be […]