A Short Guide to Property Investment in 2019/20

Property can be a very profitable way to invest, whether you want to create a nest egg for your children or retire early and follow your passions. It is a good time to invest too because of a growing UK population where property supply doesn’t meet demand. As a result, […]

New research reveals best buy-to-let yields are found in university towns

University towns and buy-to-let essentially go hand-in-hand. Students need a place to live and the vast majority of them are “natural renters”. Even if they were in a financial position to buy a property (which a few of them are), they are at a stage in their lives when flexibility […]

How Do I Invest In Property?

A question asked by many new to property investing is simply how do I invest, how much do I need and how can I get started? Buying property can be less complicated than you think, but remember it comes at a cost. Here’s our ten steps to purchasing your first […]

Sourcing Deals For Commercial Conversions

From the outside, commercial conversions sound like “big deals” and a lot of hard work, so why are they becoming so popular? Because it’s all about scalability. Undertaking “bigger” deals such as these doesn’t have to mean harder work, more hassle or more stress than a smaller deal because the […]

Sourcing Deals for Serviced Accommodation Strategies

Following my Flipping Property series now we’re going to think about serviced accommodation and how to find deals for this strategy. At its core, serviced accommodation is not that far removed from buy to lets in that the actual raw product or type of property that we could use will […]

If you just keep going you can achieve more than you think

10 Things I’ve Learnt (Part 6) If you just keep going you can achieve more than you think If you’ve been reading my last few posts then you’ll know that I’ve been discussing some of the things which I’ve learnt over the past 20 years of investing in property for […]

UK Landlords to make Large Profits despite changes to Tax Regulations

Despite widespread uncertainty over the buy-to-let property market and a range of tax changes, new research suggests that UK’s landlords are still set to make huge profits from their buy-to-let investments. In an analysis from mortgage lender, Kent Reliance, it is suggested that longer-term buy-to-let investments can still return the […]