How To Sell Your House Fast In The Winter

Traditionally, winter can be a difficult time to sell your home. From bad weather discouraging people from going out to view houses, to the gloomy winter atmosphere making prospective homes look less appealing, lots of factors can put potential buyers off. Government data shows that the six colder months of […]

Why the perfect time to sell could be between Christmas and New Year

Traditional wisdom says that the festive period is one of the worst times of the year to be a home seller and traditional wisdom has long been right. Times, however, change and while Christmas and New Year are still massively important holidays, they’re no longer periods of total buyer hibernation, […]

5 Tips – Selling your House

First Impressions Count Consider the first impressions. ‘Kerb appeal’ is the expression that’s most often used to describe how a property should look to buyers seeing it for the first time. What you are really aiming for is a property that looks well-maintained and is clean and tidy. Buyers want […]