How COVID-9 Has Changed The Lending Market

With the number of COVID-19 cases now in decline, the UK is now on a mission to recuperate the economic losses incurred as a result of the pandemic. The initial outbreak of COVID-19, and ensuing national lockdown, meant many industries essentially froze operations, stagnating the nation’s economic growth and leaving […]

Demand for property development finance is set to rise in 2020. Here’s why…

Development finance has experienced impressive growth over the past decade or so, but to many the term may still be unclear. Put simply, it is a form of alternative finance — a lending mechanism that sits outside the channels of traditional finance institutions — that is used by property developers […]

Peer To Peer Lending: What Are The Changes?

Leading Peer to Peer lending property specialist, Sourced Capital, looks at the recent regulatory changes to the P2P sector and answer some of the most common questions surrounding them received by those investing via their platform. The new FCA regulations At the end of last year (Monday 9th December), a […]

How are Brits financing their property investments?

Nearly half of the UK unaware of alternative finance products New research among more than 2,000 UK adults commissioned by Market Financial Solutions has uncovered how Britons are financing their property investments, and the factors influencing their decision. It found that: 42% of all people who have purchased a property since 2007 […]

Almost a Fifth of Buy-to-Let Landlords Plan to Exit the Market

The headline news from a survey conducted by the Residential Landlord Association is that almost one in five buy-to-let landlords plans to divest themselves of their portfolio.  The reasons for this include concerns about the housing market, changes to tax and the difficulties of getting a mortgage. Concerns about the […]

Building Society Calls for Stamp Duty Reform

Yorkshire Building Society has called for changes to be made to the way that property purchases are taxed. The firm has encouraged the government to consider reforms which would mean that sellers rather than buyers are responsible for paying stamp duty when a property changes hands. The move, Yorkshire Building […]

Property Investors Dodging Stamp Duty Rise With Loopholes

A 3% stamp duty surcharge on second homes, including residential investment properties, is one of the most recent and most well-publicised changes to the UK’s buy-to-let landscape. However, some landlords are making use of a “loophole” which allows them to avoid the surcharge when making a residential investment: buying flats […]