HMO vs Buy-to-Let investment: What are the main differences?

For all the (largely unwelcome) changes in the buy-to-let market of late, the fact still remains that the ancient law of supply and demand ensures that residential buy-to-let remains an attractive asset class and that even the Houses-in-Multiple-Occupation niche, which is particularly highly regulated, can be a solid option for […]

What landlords need to know about the Homes Act 2018

From March 20th, 2019, properties in the private rental sector will need to meet new standards under the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018. Andrew Turner, chief executive at specialist buy to let mortgage broker Commercial Trust Limited, looks at what the new legislation means for landlords. For most […]

The rise of the bridging loan

Bridging loan finance continues to grow in an environment of low interest rates, Brexit uncertainty and mortgage lender caution. Andrew Turner, chief executive at Commercial Trust Limited, looks at the rise of the bridging loan and its uses. The Association of Short Term Lending (ASTL) reported that bridging lending totalled […]

Renovations that can Add Value to your Property

When looking to sell your property, the biggest consideration that you need to make is how much your property is actually worth. The fact is that, in such uncertain times, your property could be worth less or more money than you thought, whereas other people may again have a different […]

The number of New Build Developments in London reaches new High

As the most populous city in the UK (and one of the most densely-populated cities in the world), London has a desperate need for housing.  More specifically, it has a need for housing which is suited to the realities of 21st century life.  Because of this, new build developments are […]

How I Could Have Saved £1,585 & How to Get Free Boilers

Following on from my post titled lessons about managing agents last week. I’m now kicking myself even more because I’ve realised that I could have done even better than Patrick’s much more reasonable price of £1585 for a new boiler in one of my properties. I could have got the boiler for […]