Four Practical Tips for Running a Successful Property Rental Business

The rental market in the UK is a particularly profitable one for new entrepreneurs, and boasts a lucrative opportunity for those able to invest in property directly. Housing is a provision with evergreen demand, and demand for rental housing in particular has peaked as the cost of buying property continues […]

How to raise (buy to let) finance for your SPV (limited company)

Over the last fortnight I’ve been looking into Special Purpose Vehicles and when to use them, which now leads us to consider how to raise finance for our limited companies – in particular, for buy to let properties. As such, let’s begin by thinking about what an SPV is in […]

When would you use an SPV for property investing?

Having taken a look at what an SPV is in my last blog post here – and having established that it is not a specific type of entity but rather a vehicle that’s used for a specific purpose to help you achieve your goals – it’s now time to think […]

An Inheritance Tax-Free Rental Property Business?

Mark McLaughlin considers the inheritance tax treatment of a rental property business within a trading company. Many individuals would like to have a rental property business, but may be concerned (among other things) about the possible eventual inheritance tax (IHT) liability on the value of the property portfolio. However, a […]