Let’s get one thing straight: Property Subsidence doesn’t have to be scary

Between 2016/17, 184,000 homes were built in England. During this time, hundreds of homes and buildings across Britain were severely damaged, following extreme weather conditions including heatwaves, flash floods and sub-zero temperatures. According to conservation charity, WWF, the impact of such conditions is estimated to have cost the British economy […]

Planning Permission: A Guide for Developers

Planning permission is an absolute necessity before building on land or making significant changes to the structure of an existing building. Seasoned developers will be all too familiar with the planning application process, but those who are newer to developing and redeveloping properties might find this one of the more […]

UK Property Developers Facing A Supply Crisis With Serious Shortage of Bricks

UK property developers are facing a supply crisis with a serious shortage of bricks According to the National Association of Estate Agents; the supply of bricks is diminishing in comparison to the rate of housing projects needing to be built. There has always been a high demand for bricks and […]

Self-build – foundation slabs and groundwork

Strip or trenchfill – a 600mm wide perimeter of concrete around the base of the property a metre or so underground. Raft – A slab of concrete sitting on the ground and knitted together with embedded steel. Piles – Posts cut very deep and filled with steel and concrete. The […]

Planning permission – getting the go ahead

It might be tempting to avoid the hassle of applying for the various permissions you may need to develop your property, but obtaining planning permission is vital. There are very good reasons for doing things by the book: You will be protected from making mistakes such as knocking down a […]