Can Boris Johnson reinvigorate the Northern Powerhouse?

The Northern Powerhouse. A concept coined by ex-Chancellor George Osborne five years ago, which at the time symbolised his ambitions to unite the great cities of the North – from Liverpool to Hull – and eradicate the North-South divide. Different strategies were laid out to achieve this goal, including the […]

Can the new Prime Minister solve the housing crisis?

Coming as no surprise to those who had been eagerly following the Conservative Party leadership contest, Boris Johnson was appointed the party’s new leader last week – and, in turn, the next Prime Minister of the UK. Johnson’s future policy ambitions are paved with questions, particularly when it comes to […]

Councils struggling to enforce government’s HMO legislation

Government plans to protect tenants from poor living conditions through the expansion of mandatory HMO licensing look set to fall way short of their ambition. Figures obtained by Simple Landlords Insurance reveal the majority of local authorities don’t know how many unlicensed HMOs are in their area – let alone […]

Three creative measures to increase the UK housing supply

The political fallout from Brexit continues. The resignation of two high-profile ministers this week has brought into question Theresa May’s ability to effectively manage the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, which is scheduled to happen in March 2019. Moreover, a cabinet reshuffle has also resulted in the appointment of a […]

How does Politics effect Overseas Property Investment?

Overseas property investments are now very accessible to investors who would once not have even thought about them, and are becoming increasingly popular as a way to maximise returns. However, each country has its own, unique political situation. Where the politics of a prime investment market can be contentious, controversial, […]