10 Affordable Property Locations In The North

Wherever you live today, it may be possible to move somewhere a little different – and a little cheaper – especially if you are struggling to afford a home of your own where you currently live. You might fancy a city centre flat so you can go out and about […]

Investment in North West Could See Rents Soar

Data from specialist buy to let broker Commercial Trust Limited, has revealed the popularity of the North West, as a target for property investors from around the UK. In stark contrast to the rest of the country, investment in buy to let property in the North West has seen a […]

Why London’s falling rents is good news for the North

The UK has long had a substantial rental market, hence the interest in buy-to-let investment. As is generally the case with any branch of the UK property market, however, in reality the national rental market is effectively a patchwork of local markets, which just happen to be in the same […]

Demand is high for student property in the Northwest

A report that looks at student property investments has found that the increase in the number of students in the UK has resulted in an increased demand for accommodation in the North West that consists of quality and high standards. This has increased by 48% year on year with the […]

Salford suffers as demand increases for Manchester City Centre

Manchester has gone through a number of changes over the years as billions of pounds have been spent on the city thrusting it into the 21st century. This regeneration has a positive effect on the housing market as property prices increased by 7% in 2015, with 2016 looking like it […]

Buy-to-Let investors turning their attention to Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the UK’s most culturally and economically important cities outside of London. It is also one of the country’s most popular markets for investment in rental properties. With the government working hard to accelerate economic growth in the North and yield compression and high prices pushing more […]