10 Affordable Property Locations In The North

Wherever you live today, it may be possible to move somewhere a little different – and a little cheaper – especially if you are struggling to afford a home of your own where you currently live. You might fancy a city centre flat so you can go out and about […]

Why London’s falling rents is good news for the North

The UK has long had a substantial rental market, hence the interest in buy-to-let investment. As is generally the case with any branch of the UK property market, however, in reality the national rental market is effectively a patchwork of local markets, which just happen to be in the same […]

Scotland and the North Lead UK in Rental Growth

Scotland and the North of England delivered the UK’s highest levels of rental growth in the final stages of 2016, it has emerged. Kuflink, a peer-to-peer lending specialist, examined both rents and house prices for 50 UK locations and found that the upper end of the country was decidedly leading […]