Things All Landlords Should Know Before Managing HMOs

While bedsits and roommate arrangements have always existed, a number of cultural shifts are increasing the number of HMOs. This includes the increase of Monday to Friday renters in London and other urban centres and college students moving from dorms to shared houses. As a property owner, HMOs can be […]

HMO vs Buy-to-Let investment: What are the main differences?

For all the (largely unwelcome) changes in the buy-to-let market of late, the fact still remains that the ancient law of supply and demand ensures that residential buy-to-let remains an attractive asset class and that even the Houses-in-Multiple-Occupation niche, which is particularly highly regulated, can be a solid option for […]

Property Strategies 4: HMOs

HMOs started out based on the concept of bedsits – think of the series ‘Rising Damp’ whereby a number of people lived together under one roof, each renting out an individual room. Fast forward a few decades and this concept has become far more sophisticated. Today, there are varying degrees […]