Mortgage Rates Rise – What Can Flat Owners Expect?

As two-year fixed-rate mortgages soar to 6%, what can flat owners expect from their maintenance fees? Homeowners across the country are currently facing turmoil as it has been reported that the UK is ‘hurtling into mortgage disaster’. With two-year fixed UK mortgage rates rising above a staggering 6%, amid an […]

Biggest Lenders Increase Mortgage Rates

NatWest and Nationwide, two of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders, have announced today that they will increase interest rates by as much as 0.45% while removing some of their mortgage products from the market altogether. The move from the lenders, experts predict, is due to the financial markets reaction to the stubbornly high […]

UK mortgage market reaches highest peak since UK economic crisis

It’s probably fair to say that the mortgage market drives the UK housing market. Of course, there are cash-rich investors, who can buy property without finance, but they are the minority. Generally speaking, therefore, the health of the UK mortgage market is a very good indicator of the health of […]