Seven Tips To Help You Afford A Mortgage

In September 2021, according to Moneyfacts, the average two-year fixed mortgage rate was 2.38%, and the average two-year variable tracker rate was 2.25%. By February 2023, after numerous bank base rate increases since December 2021, taking it from 0.1% to 3.5%, the average two-year fixed rate was 5.58% in January, and the average […]

Buy to Let Mortgage Rules set to become stricter for Landlords from September

In September this year, there will be a significant change to the rules around how lenders judge whether or not a person can afford a buy-to-let mortgage. Landlords will have to move quickly if they wish to secure new mortgages before these rules take effect. The background Back in April […]

UK mortgage market reaches highest peak since UK economic crisis

It’s probably fair to say that the mortgage market drives the UK housing market. Of course, there are cash-rich investors, who can buy property without finance, but they are the minority. Generally speaking, therefore, the health of the UK mortgage market is a very good indicator of the health of […]

Interest Only verses Repayment – What do YOU do?

Are you confused by your mortgage options? Why are nearly all investment mortgages interest only, rather than capital repayment? Surely it’s crazy to only repay the interest and leave yourself with the loan at the end, right Wrong. Actually, it’s not crazy for one simple reason: All property investors understand […]