Housing Market Decline? What That Means For Property Renovation?

Towards the end of July, Lloyd’s Banking Group warned the UK that house price valuations are not just going to drop over the remainder of 2023 but that we could find ourselves in a four-year decline. Forecasts predict that the value of homes will drop by 5% between now and the end of […]

What Does The Average UK House Price Buy You In The Current Market?

Research from eXp UK, the network of personal estate agents, has revealed just how fragmented the UK property market is, with buyers able to purchase more than two homes for the average UK house price across 5% of local authorities, while in the most expensive areas of the market, the same […]

Property Market – The Concern of Yields & Voids

Let’s face it… If you have the cash to invest in property right now… Why shouldn’t you go straight ahead and just do it? Low interest rates coupled with buyer/seller hesitation means that you might be able to snap up a bargain deal should you look in the right places… […]

Property Investors Sticking To Strategy During Brexit

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has commissioned research uncovering the impact Brexit has had on the intentions of 500+ UK property investors. Importantly, the research reveals that the appetite for property as an asset remains strong, with many actively seeking new opportunities regardless of Brexit. In fact, only 7% of investors […]

Bridging the generational divide in property market

Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions The Government has shown in recent months that it is serious about tackling the lack of housing supply in the UK property market. From setting the target of building 300,000 homes every year to proposed reforms that encourage home extensions in built-up areas, […]

Who influences the property market?

One of the most interesting questions surrounding the property market is the one that questions who has the largest influence over the property market? The government or investors? More investors are now considering investing in the property market for long-term gains but who dictates how the market behaves? There are […]

Top Student Property Investment Markets Revealed

Research by Chestertons has revealed the UK’s top markets for investment in student property. According to their report, Edinburgh currently tops the list of the best cities for student property buyers to invest in. The major estate agent considered a number of factors in order to assess the UK’s various […]