Does Incorporation Stack Up For Landlords?

Lee Sharpe warns that landlords should not rush into incorporating their businesses without weighing up the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’. It seems you cannot have a discussion involving landlords these days, without somebody mentioning incorporation. I have to admit to being partly responsible for this, with a fair few articles, etc., […]

The Pros and Cons of holding Property in a Limited Company

Since Section 24 (which you can read about here), the UK tax landscape has changed. Following George Osborne’s decision to stop investors and landlords from offsetting mortgage interest when calculating the profit made from buy to let properties, the panorama has shifted. Whereas before it was considered tax efficient to […]

How to raise (buy to let) finance for your SPV (limited company)

Over the last fortnight I’ve been looking into Special Purpose Vehicles and when to use them, which now leads us to consider how to raise finance for our limited companies – in particular, for buy to let properties. As such, let’s begin by thinking about what an SPV is in […]

More Buy-to-Let Mortgage Options for Ltd Companies

One in five buy to let products are now for limited companies. The increasing proportion of BTL mortgages available to limited companies has doubled over the last year from 10% of the market to 20% says Moneyfacts. With over 300 products catering for incorporation we have seen a sharp rise […]