Should Landlords Break Clauses In Accommodation Contracts?

UNIVERSITY students believe break clauses should be automatically included in tenancy agreements to protect them financially in the event of a second wave of coronavirus, according to a survey conducted by websites Money Magpie and Save The Student. The break clause would lapse the rental contract, meaning students required to return […]

A Landlord’s Duty to the Data Protection of their Tenants

General Data Protection Regulations (or GDPR) remain confusing to many despite being in action for over three months now. Landlords especially remain in the dark when it comes to the data they can and cannot share with other institutions regarding their tenants. This guide explains what the new GDPR means […]

Landlords urged to check EPC ratings or risk losing income

Private rental landlords across England and Wales could find their properties classed as ‘unrentable’ from April 2018 unless they take swift action, according to a leading solicitor. The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015, due to come into force on April 1, 2018, will make it […]

Landlord possession notices – how to defeat the devious tenant

A possession notice is generally essential if you are going to apply for a possession order at the County Court. However the important thing to remember about service of documents, is not just that you do it – but that you can PROVE that you did it. Most tenants are […]

Signing Tenancy Agreements in advance – is it legal?

Experienced landlords like to put some degree of certainty into their lettings by having renewal agreements signed weeks or months in advance, thereby guaranteeing the continuance of rental income beyond the current tenancy expiry date. Tenancy Agreements This article explores the legalities of this practice and considers whether either the […]