What Are Landlords Required to Do About Mould and Damp in Rented Accommodation?

Mould and damp endanger the health of tenants and pose a particular challenge in rented homes. UK law stipulates that landlords have certain duties to make sure rented properties are both safe and liveable, which often includes dealing with mould or other health hazards. If you’re grappling with this problem, […]

Essential Tips for Student Landlords: Ensuring Success in a Demanding Market

Becoming a landlord can be a lucrative endeavour, but when dealing with student tenants, it often comes with its own unique set of challenges. Students are usually more transient and have different expectations compared to other renters. To navigate this demanding market successfully, student landlords must be well-informed and prepared. […]

How The Renters Reform Bill Redefines Landlord Responsibilities

First proposed in 2019, the Renters Reform Bill intends to introduce widespread rental reforms that will significantly impact landlords and tenants throughout England. As the proposed changes will have implications for the rental housing sector and private landlords, London lettings agency JOHNS&CO are providing their expert insight on the opportunities and protections […]

Moving Out Early? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Breaking a Lease

Unexpected curves and twists are a part of life’s uncertain path. In the world of rental homes, signing a lease agreement represents the start of a new chapter, providing stability and a place to call home. However, things may change, and occasionally we run into unanticipated difficulties that force us […]

Mortgage Rates Rise – What Can Flat Owners Expect?

As two-year fixed-rate mortgages soar to 6%, what can flat owners expect from their maintenance fees? Homeowners across the country are currently facing turmoil as it has been reported that the UK is ‘hurtling into mortgage disaster’. With two-year fixed UK mortgage rates rising above a staggering 6%, amid an […]