Best of London’s new housing developments

With London’s property market stretched more than ever and new apartments cropping up in sites all over the area, knowing what’s available can involve a whole load of meticulous  searching. Whether you are a first time buyer in London, a property investor or you simply fancy moving to the capital, its always […]

1 in 3 see property as a way to pay for retirement

A recent survey by The Office for National Statistics shows that one in three now see property as a way to pay for retirement. With property value skyrocketing, it is not surprising that 29% of people aged 25 to 44 years old see property as a far more favourable investment […]

When would you use an SPV for property investing?

Having taken a look at what an SPV is in my last blog post here – and having established that it is not a specific type of entity but rather a vehicle that’s used for a specific purpose to help you achieve your goals – it’s now time to think […]

What’s Stopping You from Investing in the Student Buy to Let Market?

Sometimes investors are reluctant to consider student accommodation over more traditional buy to let options. So, let’s address some of the key points Our friends at RWinvest specialise in student investments, and often find investors are reluctant to consider student accommodation over more traditional buy to lets. While traditional buy […]

Outlook for UK Build to Rent in 2018

2018 will be a year of continuing evolvement for the nascent UK Build to Rent sector, with several factors influencing the kind of assets that developers deliver, as well as the returns available to Build to Rent investors. Jonathon Ivory, Managing Director of Build to Rent owner / operator Atlas […]

North of England sees considerable Urban House Price Growth

The north of England continues to be the UK’s most exciting prospect for property investors as London and the south continue to slow. The Hometrack Index shows overall growth but with significant regional differences In quarter one 2017, the Hometrack Index showed nationwide house price growth of 5.7% year-on-year and […]

Leeds Property Prices Gain Upward Pressure From Supply Shortage

Properties in Leeds and the surrounding area could experience significant price growth in the coming years, according to a recent analysis. Growth is being predicted as the market comes under pressure from a shortage of new properties and space for development. Both residential properties and offices are suffering from a […]