Business Growth in Liverpool has Boosted Professional Rental Demand

Over the last decade or two, Liverpool has experienced huge investment into the regeneration of the city, transforming it into a place that people truly want to live and work. This has meant that the city’s business community has grown; increasing the demand for private rental properties within the area, […]

Why Newcastle is helping to attract property investors to the North

The ongoing Northern Powerhouse initiative aims to address the north/south economic imbalance and has been a huge success. Although it has focused on Manchester, it has benefitted many of the surrounding areas, including Newcastle, which has become the latest “hidden gem” in the property market and is likely to come […]

Airbnb Faces Change Thanks to the French Revolution

A revolutionary business quickly changed the travel and tourism industry in a way that only seemed to benefit the consumer, the local economy and global tourism as a whole. However, it didn’t take long until cracks began to show in the set-up of San Francisco based company Airbnb. The London […]

Renovations that can Add Value to your Property

When looking to sell your property, the biggest consideration that you need to make is how much your property is actually worth. The fact is that, in such uncertain times, your property could be worth less or more money than you thought, whereas other people may again have a different […]

The Realities of Being a Pension Pot Landlord

Property has long been an attractive prospect for those seeking a retirement income, even if they already had a pension. Over recent years, low interest rates, the cost of buying an annuity for even a moderate income and the uncertainty, not to say volatility, of the stock market has made […]

UK property market declines while nation awaits general election outcome

Activity levels on the UK real estate market are slowing down to a halt as political uncertainty rears its head once again. Since we are fast approaching the core of the prime buying season of spring and summer, Britain could face a major slump this year. The year 2016 was […]