What Should I Consider When Selling Property In Probate?

When somebody passes away, their estate becomes subject to either selling or transferring ownership. The specifics of how this is done can depend on certain individual factors. If the person were a joint tenant, the other tenant would immediately claim their share. This is known as the Rule of Survivorship. […]

Death is my exit strategy & I want to pay down my mortgages Property and UK Tax

Over the past six weeks I’ve been discussing UK tax and property, and for the final instalment in the series, I want to consider death as an exit strategy and the implications of this from a tax point of view. It’s not uncommon for an investor to say that “death” […]

An Inheritance Tax-Free Rental Property Business?

Mark McLaughlin considers the inheritance tax treatment of a rental property business within a trading company. Many individuals would like to have a rental property business, but may be concerned (among other things) about the possible eventual inheritance tax (IHT) liability on the value of the property portfolio. However, a […]