Not Fit For Purpose? Seeing Beyond The Housing Crisis

Research released by the National Housing Federation today found that 8.4 million people in England are living in unsuitable, insecure or unaffordable homes. In response to these findings, please find below a series of comments from three leading property experts. Jamie Johnson, CEO of FJP Investment  told us “The housing crisis is one […]

Can the new Prime Minister solve the housing crisis?

Coming as no surprise to those who had been eagerly following the Conservative Party leadership contest, Boris Johnson was appointed the party’s new leader last week – and, in turn, the next Prime Minister of the UK. Johnson’s future policy ambitions are paved with questions, particularly when it comes to […]

UK housing market sees rise in first time buyers while buy-to-let loans plummet

Recent figures show that the demand for buy-to-let loans has declined whilst the demand for first time buyer mortgages in the UK has significantly increased. Studies by UK Finance show that there were over 32,000 first time buyer mortgages taken out in May 2018, an 8.1% increase from last year. […]

Post-Brexit Property – Protecting Investments

For years the Conservative party has been the party of home ownership, as epitomized in Margaret Thatcher’s enthusiastic championing of the right-to-buy scheme.  While home ownership remains a plank of Conservative policy, the government’s White Paper of February this year “Fixing our broken housing market”, shows a significant increase in […]

Fixing our broken housing market

The government released the housing white paper, but what does it mean for landlords, first-time buyers, homeowners and renters in London? Portico London estate agents have summarised the five key points to be aware of: Get Britain building more homes! The white paper starts with a passionate pledge from Prime […]