The Benefits and Drawbacks of Investing in HMOs

Over the last 10-15 years, the UK private rental and HMO (houses in multiple occupation) sectors have grown strongly. From student accommodation to shared housing, HMOs are an attractive option for investors and landlords, but they don’t come without some compromises. Mark Cotter, Real Estate Director and Anusha Peries, Real […]

Considerations for Purchasing a Holiday Home

A personal holiday home may be a faraway dream for some, but for the smart-working individuals, a holiday home is an investment reality and not only offers a personal place to spend time away but can potentially tender a near-immediate return from short and long-term rentals. Buying a holiday home […]

Finding Properties for HMOs – Part One

Over the past four weeks we’ve been considering how to find investment properties and this week, we’re going to give some thought to HMOs. So, where could we find this type of property? Unless we’re looking to follow a sophisticated model whereby we convert an old office building, pub or […]

Property Strategies 4: HMOs

HMOs started out based on the concept of bedsits – think of the series ‘Rising Damp’ whereby a number of people lived together under one roof, each renting out an individual room. Fast forward a few decades and this concept has become far more sophisticated. Today, there are varying degrees […]

Is There More Demand For Purpose Built Student Accommodation?

Knowledge is power, and therefore the education sector will always boom. With education comes students, and they are all going to need somewhere to live. When students finally cut the apron strings and move away from home, they are often looking for a property that is safe, reliable and well […]

8 Reasons for and against Investing in Student Property

For at least the last decade the student property market ha been a hot area for property investors. There are many opportunities in todays investment market for investors interested in this area of the property market. Even with the extra 3% stamp duty to pay and the ever increasing restricted […]