How Do I Invest With No Money? An Introduction to No Money Down

This is an interesting question. Somebody has asked me ‘does no money down really exist and if it does how do I do it?’. First things first. One thing I have noticed when I have been online looking at the forums and looking at the Facebook groups is that occasionally […]

First-Time Buyers Seeking Financial Help from Parents More Than Ever Before

According to a new report, more than 50% of the £10 billion put forward for a deposit by first-time buyers in 2016 was sourced either from the Government’s Help to Buy scheme or from their parents. Approximately 150,000 first-time buyers looked to their parents for help in getting a deposit […]

Seven-bed mansion or one-bed flat?

What the average London property price can buy you around the world Londoners could move abroad and swap their one-bed flats for a seven-bedroom mansion complete with swimming pool, new research has revealed. The investigation, commissioned by international money transfer experts, Foreign Exchange, found that homes in ten cites around […]