A window of buy to let opportunity – but for how long?

Political and economic uncertainty have affected the housing market for several months now, but Mark Carney has warned of possible change, that could affect buy to let mortgages in the not-so distant future. Andrew Turner, chief executive at specialist buy to let broker Commercial Trust Limited, argues that the present […]

Does Article 50 Change Anything?

Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday triggered Article 50 as Britain confirms its request to depart from the EU, but will the latest events have a consequential negative effect on the property market? Will it potentially be positive news for UK property and the country’s economy? Or will it neither bust […]

Brexit a Concern for EU Property Sector

Recent research has shown that the UK’s upcoming exit from the European Union is causing no small amount of concern in the European property sector. The Emerging Trends Europe report shows an overall downbeat sentiment towards Brexit and its impact on property, although it also shows that some within the […]