4 Reasons Why The UK Housing Market May Not Be Dropping

Amidst all the panic and chaos that has surrounded the economy in October due to the policies of the previous Prime minister and chancellors, our friends at the North Property Group celebrated a record-breaking month. Their property consultants managed to generate the highest number of sales in a single month […]

What landlords need to know as we head into 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, here is a guide as to what landlords need to know as we head into what will hopefully be a bright and prosperous New Year. Brexit It’s really impossible to mention anything to do with 2020 without mentioning Brexit, but at the same time, it’s also […]

UK housing market sees rise in first time buyers while buy-to-let loans plummet

Recent figures show that the demand for buy-to-let loans has declined whilst the demand for first time buyer mortgages in the UK has significantly increased. Studies by UK Finance show that there were over 32,000 first time buyer mortgages taken out in May 2018, an 8.1% increase from last year. […]

How does Politics effect Overseas Property Investment?

Overseas property investments are now very accessible to investors who would once not have even thought about them, and are becoming increasingly popular as a way to maximise returns. However, each country has its own, unique political situation. Where the politics of a prime investment market can be contentious, controversial, […]

Could the Stock Market Impact UK Property Investment?

Property seems very much the asset to have right now as far as many investors are concerned. The residential and commercial property sectors, including many niche sub-sectors, are all proving popular in many UK and international markets. The property market in the UK, in particular, continues to perform well and […]