Why Developers Must Make New-Builds Attractive

A recent report issued by one of Britain’s biggest mortgage lenders, Santander, found that 70% of young people now believe the dream of home ownership is over for their generation. While this figure is particularly stark, it’s merely the latest in a series of findings that reflect the current state […]

How Technology is changing the Property Market

Technology has developed in unimaginable ways over recent years, providing different industries with a whole host of opportunities to develop the work that they do. One industry that has and continues to benefit from the advancements in technology is the property industry, which provides opportunities in various aspects of the […]

Six Signs of a Potentially Inferior Investment

“When purchasing a property for buy-to-let purposes it’s important to buy smart,” says co-owner of Belvoir Liverpool West Derby and Belvoir Liverpool Central Adam Rastall. “The property itself is a powerful tool in the success of a buy-to-let journey so it’s crucial to carry out the necessary research before you […]

The UK landlord survival package

While everything around us seems to be falling apart, some investor landlords have devised their own ‘survival package’ and are actually doing rather nicely, thank you very much. UK buy to let landlords surviving the credit crunchAccording to the best sources, the crisis causing havoc in the housing market and […]

Planning permission – getting the go ahead

It might be tempting to avoid the hassle of applying for the various permissions you may need to develop your property, but obtaining planning permission is vital. There are very good reasons for doing things by the book: You will be protected from making mistakes such as knocking down a […]

Can YOU be a property developer?

Property development is not a lottery. Regardless of your background, with the right skills and discipline, you can minimise your risk and make great returns on property development. When you look at the different types and kinds of people from all walks of life that have successfully made money by […]