First time property investment: What type of property should I invest in?

Properties are like people, they come in all different shapes and sizes, some are older than others, you can find them across the UK (and indeed all over the world) and there’s a whole lot more to them than you can tell from a picture on a website. With that […]

Sourcing Deals For Commercial Conversions

From the outside, commercial conversions sound like “big deals” and a lot of hard work, so why are they becoming so popular? Because it’s all about scalability. Undertaking “bigger” deals such as these doesn’t have to mean harder work, more hassle or more stress than a smaller deal because the […]

Brexit causes problems for the London and Scottish commercial property markets

The commercial property market in the UK is showing promising signs of returning to a positive position akin to that before the UK decided to leave the EU, however, the same cannot be said for London and Scotland. The rental and capital projections have improved, and the occupier market, along […]