Tips For Investing In Student Property

Investing in student properties can be a rewarding venture for buy-to-let landlords. But, it’s important to balance making a profit and offering students a decent and affordable place to live. To help anyone looking to invest in student housing, Claire Flynn, mortgages expert, has shared her 12 tips: 1. Research the […]

Avoid Inheritance Tax and CGT when passing buy to let properties to your children

Passing on a buy to let (BTL) property to your child is an excellent investment in their future. They’ll benefit from both the value of the asset and the income it generates. However, if you have a property you’re looking to transfer, you need to be aware of the Capital […]

If you just keep going you can achieve more than you think

10 Things I’ve Learnt (Part 6) If you just keep going you can achieve more than you think If you’ve been reading my last few posts then you’ll know that I’ve been discussing some of the things which I’ve learnt over the past 20 years of investing in property for […]

Taxing Times? Investing In A Student House

Sarah Bradford examines whether investing in a property for a student son or daughter to live in whilst at university is worthy of consideration. Student accommodation is expensive, and your student offspring may pay between £150 and £225 a week, depending on where they study. Renting is, for the tenant […]