Home Extension Mistakes To Avoid

Building an extension on your property can be an exciting experience, unleashing a world of new potential and opportunity for your home. However, there are many potential pitfalls and mistakes throughout the complex process, especially for first-timers. With this in mind, Bradley Mackenzie, RICS accredited valuer at chartered surveyors Stokemont, has […]

The Importance Of Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

There may be many reasons you plan building work on a property you’re looking to purchase; whether you’re looking to add an extension for space, a small design renovation, or your Home Buyer’s Survey may have highlighted some essential remedial building work. Planning work on a property you do not […]

How Property Developers Can Survive the Recession

As the country enters into “Lockdown two” on November 5th, the recession is set to deepen. The furlough scheme — which has kept millions of people employed since April — has been extended until December 2nd when the government intends to ease restrictions, but some experts warn that unemployment could […]

Why Should You Hire A Professional Architect When Building A Property?

Whether you are building or renovating a property, it is important to design a plan. Even if you have a specific design in mind, it is difficult to execute that plan. This is where a professional architect can help you. Architects are there to help design and plan the structural side of […]

Planning permission – what you need to know

Before you start developing your property it is essential you obtain any necessary planning permission. In the latest of our Property Basics series, we tell you why – and, more importantly, how. There are very good reasons for doing things by the book: You will be protected from making mistakes […]

Managing Builders and Project Managers – How to get it right

If you are managing a builder or a project manager on a refurbishment or building project there are many things that can go wrong, says David Lawrenson. So, how can you avoid a nasty run-in with your builder or project manager? Whether you are supervising building works directly or you […]

How to design your self-build property for maximum profit

When you design a home, you need to consider at least the following factors: How it operates How pleasant it feels to use How it looks How much it costs How much it will be worth Designing for function This is a pretty obvious concept. Draw a list of activities […]

Creating a successful management plan for your self-build project

There are two purposes for creating this plan: It will clarify things for you It will convince others – including your financiers – that you know what you are doing Your project plan should cover the following key points: State the objectives of the scheme, including your profit targets, the […]