How Apartment Communities Are Managing Social Distancing

We’re all in this together, and that’s a good thing. With social distancing an inconvenient but necessary reality of life, for the time being, we have to take into account how this affects those living and managing luxury apartment communities and how those communities are coming to terms with the […]

Leeds Property Prices Gain Upward Pressure From Supply Shortage

Properties in Leeds and the surrounding area could experience significant price growth in the coming years, according to a recent analysis. Growth is being predicted as the market comes under pressure from a shortage of new properties and space for development. Both residential properties and offices are suffering from a […]

House or flat? Pros and cons

Although every investment should be assessed on its own particular merits, there are some fundamental matters to be considered when deciding which is best – house or flat. Supply and demand Apartments are certainly much more popular with the mobile population of many inner city locations. Career orientated young professionals […]