We work with a number of established developers that want to guarantee a sales income on their new build properties and by doing this not only can we help them sell at the off plan and ongoing build stage but we can also target properties used as show homes for early purchase which is win win for everyone, especially investors.

Developers of significant no’s of plots will rather sell their showhomes prior to their wider development completion date to guarantee sales and we can regularly assist them in finding buyers whilst loaning back the property to the developer during the works on site until completion.

How it works? Showhomes will often be the first properties built on sites which can take months, sometimes years to complete so we can agree a discounted purchase price with the developer who agrees to sell on the basis that they can rent back the property for the remainder of the build duration. This means you will get a fully fitted, fully furnished property at a favorable price which immediately offers you a rental return paid to you direct by the developer until their last property on site is built.

Once they vacate at the end of their agreed term you then have a brand new spanking hot property in the areas most sought after location to either sell on, rent out again or even live in yourself.

Latest Opportunities

We have a regular supply of showhome investments across the UK but they are often snapped up extremely quickly due to the exciting nature of the purchase discount, rental yield, quality of home  on offer as well as the extras and appliances you get with them. It is recommended you sign up below to receive exclusive show home deals as many don’t make market often snapped up by savvy investors prior to them released on our website.

Key Investment Facts
  • Discounts often up to £50,000
  • Guaranteed rental returns from 6-24 months plus
  • Fully fitted and fully furnished with appliances
  • Highly finished brand new properties in desirable locations
  • 2,3 & 4 bed houses available
  • No bills other than mortgage to pay until initial rental period finishes
  • Option to rent, sell, live on completion of initial term

Simply fill out your details below and we will send you our latest opportunity as well as future showhome investment deals across the UK.