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Bedford from £140,500

Birmingham (City Centre) from £182,950

Bradford from £75,000

Cambridge from £350,000

Colwyn Bay from £170,000

Devon from £250,000

Doncaster from £159,995

Durham from £56,000

Halifax from £75,950

Hartlepool from £39,995

Kettering (HMO) only £220,000

Kingston upon Hull from £59,950

Lancaster from £85,000

Leeds from £122,500

Liverpool (HMO) from £93,000

Liverpool (Waterside) from £119,950

Loch Ness from £100,000

Luton from £191,000

Manchester (Apartments) from £171,000

Manchester (MediaCity) from £166,000

Middlesbrough (HMO) from £154,995

Newport (HMO) from £329,995

Nottingham from £108,995

Preston (Student) from £60,750

Preston (Apartments) from £125,000

Rhos-on-Sea from £149,960

Sheffield from £89,995

Southampton from £142,900

Thirsk from £184,000

Wolverhampton from £150,000

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