All our Property Investment Deals over £200,000 are listed below:

Higher end property is appealing due to its high NET rewards.

Whether it be a Hi-Spec London Apartment with a soaring end value or a large detached house in the north used for HMO property that is yielding unprecedented rental returns. If you have the cash to speculate, you can really accumulate wealth through top end property of £200k and above.

Obviously higher end property comes with more risk as bigger sways of volatility can effect things that are worth more, but for positive investment terms, this also means bigger cash returns for your money.

That said, it can be trickier to get yields to match those in the lower brackets but targeting HMO’s or holiday homes & short stay accommodation in city centres will bump up those yields and get your property its best potential return. Ideally for experienced investors with the cash to do so, these properties can potentially bank roll your portfolio alone.

Property to go for: Large houses close to Universities or Hospitals, central city centre pads or holiday homes that offer something niche

Yield to aim for: 6% or above

An experienced investor would say: Go HMO. Boosting yield is essential in property investment and letting for example six rooms in a large house could bring you as much as x3 times as much rental income as letting the property as just one single let. More tenants would also lessen risk of void periods which would impact mortgage payments (at the severest level) should your property be at any stage empty. Another alternative is the holiday/vacation & short stay let market where people are happy to pay more per day for a clean quirky city centre pad.

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Cornwall from £590,000

Devon from £250,000

Leigh from £204,995

London (Battersea) from £1,400,000

Manchester (HMO) from £480,000

Newport (HMO) from £329,995

Porthtowan from £279,950

Slough from £231,500

South Shields (Block) from £1,000,000

St Helens (HMO) from £220,000

Uxbridge from £261,250