All our Property Investment Deals between £100,000 & £200,000 are listed below:

Slightly higher risk than cheap property but for a higher rental return and with a higher end value, middle range property investments are good ‘all round’ deals for investors that already have an income producing portfolio.

Whilst low range property (under £100k) may produce similar returns, higher range investments (over £200k) will probably yield worse, so sitting in the middle lane has its perks if it’s steady cash returns you are looking for.

Often reselling as family homes they hold their value well and although can sometimes be trickier to let than smaller & cheaper property (due to the slightly larger space offered and higher costs of living), if marketed right, your portfolio will always benefit from having this type of property suited for small familys that are working and/or professional.

Property to go for: Swanky apartments in thriving city centres or urban family size houses with easy access to commuter routes

Yield to aim for: 7% or above

An experienced investor would say: Keep it clean. Your target market can pay a little more so they expect a little more, so pride in the home is essential if you are to rent (or sell) at market rates. Whilst buy low rent high is the practice to preach, we suggest a home that has mod cons would be more appealing than an old period building that leaks out heat and needs plenty of tlc and attention. In certain case buying extras like furniture packs and car parking will ensure your property is even more appealing to its target audience.

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Ashford from £149,250

Bedford from £140,500

Birmingham (City Centre) from £182,950

Birmingham (Moseley Rd) from £159,500

Blackpool only £165,000

Coventry from £125,000

Darlington only £145,000

Doncaster from £159,995

Harlow only £125,000

Leeds (City) from £122,500

Leeds (Green Quarter) from £115,000

Liverpool (Waterside) from £119,950

Luton from £191,000

Manchester (Apartments) from £171,000

Manchester (Houses) from £195,000

Manchester (MediaCity) from £166,000

Middlesbrough (HMO) from £154,995

Nottingham from £108,995

Peterborough from £139,995

Preston from £110,000

Southampton from £142,900

Stafford only £125,000

Thirsk from £184,000

West Bromwich from £140,000

Wolverhampton from £150,000