Our property sourcing club offers investors a hands off experience for us to find your next property.

Let us take on the reigns of finding a property for you.

Weekly properties sent to your inbox catered for your own personal needs.

We’ll do the negotiating so you don’t have to.

Minimum 50 properties per annum specifically chosen for you to pick from.

No sourcing fees to pay.

Tell us what you want and we’ll find it.

Or your money back.

As many property purchases as you can make under one fee.

To join our Property Sourcing Club for a one-off 12 months the price is £999.99 and with that we’ll find you a minimum of 50 properties per annum with the option to renew next year, totally down to you!!

Property Sourcing Club Membership


Our property sourcing is for members who are actively looking to purchase property investments in the UK over the next twelve months. We work with a number of sourcers and agents and can help find and negotiate on property deals that are suitable for investment. Our fee is for an annual service  regardless of acquisitions and we will get to work straight away.

Upon purchase of our membership we’ll ask you to fill out our questionnaire to find out what property types and location you require, we’ll then send you weekly properties with a minimum 50 to suit your needs per year, or your money back!!!

As well as finding you the right property for you, we can help assist provide conveyancers, surveyors, mortgage and bridging providers, letting agents, insurers, tradespeople and more, and are always on hand to advise when possible.

Whilst we are committed to finding you at least fifty properties over the course of the next twelve months we realise in some cases this is not at all always possible. That’s why we’ll offer your full money back if you do not purchase a property through us and we cannot find the number of properties you require.

All our properties found are from various sourcers, agents, auctions, and alike, from across the web, we’ll find it, you want it, we’ll sort it!

*Whilst the majority of our properties found won’t include sourcing fees there may be some agents or sourcers that ask for up front fees, there will also be fees sometimes payable to agents and auctions upon purchase, we aim to find only properties without fees but in the cases where we do find discounted property which may involve extra fees, we’ll send only if our property club member has opted in to receiving deals of this nature.

*Our annual fee is based on a service to provide a minimum 50 properties specifically catered to our members request, those details can be changed at any time, the fee is fully refundable if we cannot find the required number of properties over 12 months unless the investor purchases a property sourced by our team within that time. In the case of multiple purchases, we are happy to continue sourcing property for clients who want to buy more than one property over the next year, there is no extra cost for multiple purchases from us.

Please email investments@propertysecrets.net if you have any questions.

Property Sourcing Club Membership


What You Get?

An instantly emailed questionnaire to fill out so we can find out what properties are for you.

A phone call within 48 hours of your membership purchase to discuss your property needs.

Weekly deals sent to your inbox from various sourcers, estate agents and auction houses.

The flexibility to change your search at any time.

A minimum 50 deals a year for the duration of your membership.

No auto-renewals. We’ll simply ask you in twelve months if you want to renew.

Buy as many properties as you want. No extra charge on your membership.

If you don’t buy a property we recommend or we don’t hit your 50 deals you’ll get your money back.

We’ll assist with solicitors, surveyors, letting and estate agents, auctioneers, tenant find and management, insurers, tax advisors,  tradespeople and more, no extra cost for our referral service but please note, extra costs will be incurred directly to those you choose to deal with.

Try out our property sourcing club membership and let US find YOUR next property for YOU!!!

Let us find your next property for you!!! Join our Property Sourcing Club today. Find out more HERE.