How To Multiply Your Buy-To-Let Income By Up To 3 Or 4 Times

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A quick 2-minute test to see if your property is located in a GOLDMINE AREA for Hmos

5 little known (& 100% legal) ways to acquiring HMO properties – with none of your own money

The 4 easiest ways to set up your HMO correctly – so you don’t get hit with unexpected (& costly) legal hassles.

5 little known ‘Progressive HMO Strategies’ that’ll help you generate maximum profits and guarantee your rooms are always full – often with waiting lists!

How to avoid the 4 biggest mistakes people make when working with agents and hiring team members to manage properties for you.

The ‘7 Magic Numbers’ you need to know to run your property business with minimum effort. In some cases, reducing the time you’ll spend managing your portfolio to just 10 minutes each day.

The truth about getting planning permission for HMOs (discover the 4 times you’ll need it, and the times when you need to IGNORE your builder and architect!)

9 Progressive HMO finance models for buying all the cash-flowing HMOs you need to achieve the money income you need to retire – £5,000, £10,000, £25,000 per month? If you need more money, simply continue to provide more rooms (HMOs) for people.

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