We have a number of purchase lease option deals through our team of UK property sourcers, which are great for buyers who cannot get access to finance right now, as they can buy first refusal on properties for a lower initial sum and pay the bills of a usual homeowner as well as enjoy the benefits of rental income with an option to purchase the property outright at end of contract.

This works great for sellers/vendors who are struggling themselves to financially maintain the running costs of their property, and is great for entrepreneurs who see opportunity in using a small amount of deposit to get on the housing ladder and make huge returns without actually owning a property.

How it works?

Our properties can be purchased by anyone, no mortgage needed, they are often highlighted with a £10,000-30,0000 deposit (which comes off the pre-agreed property sale total with a purchase option to give investors first refusal at end of contract which can usually be anything between 3-10 years.

Our ready-packaged deals are great, some even tenanted from day one, so on a case study of a 5 year lease option providing an option to buy at £100,000. You’ll need to pay £10,000 deposit (which comes off the end value ie £90k left to pay) and if tenanted at £600pcm you’ll be responsible for any bills (including mortgage payments) so would ‘NET’ the remainder as profit.

All our deals are slightly different with some offering larger returns than others but all are equally as intriguing depending what an investor wants out of a deal.

Key Investment Facts
  • Deposits from just £10,000
  • Comes off the total value of the property
  • 5-10 year contracts with option to buy at end of term
  • Investor responsible for all home owners bills
  • Investor also gets to enjoy all rental income
  • Often potential to increase rents and develop/upgrade for better returns
  • Deposit alone can often be earned back within 5 years

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