All our Property Investment Deals below £50,000 are listed below:

The cheapest property you can buy is often situated in towns in the the North of England but we often get access to refurbishment projects and even tenanted homes with flats, apartments and terraced houses available to buy from as little as £50k.

We have properties in Scotland as well as the North East in County Durham, Cleveland, Middlesbrough and the North West in areas of Lancashire and Cumbria that are commutable to major cities like Manchester and Liverpool.

Our latest deals include flats in Glasgow and we aim for low priced below market value property where you can renovate to reward or in some cases, we’ll simply offer a packaged property which you can have a tenant paying rents at yields close to 10%

Due to the low prices on offer of properties under £40,000 you won’t need to pay Stamp Duty or at least up to £50,000 (max £1,500) you’ll have just the minimal amount to pay,. This is attractive when trying to get the most for your money as well as lower risk financially, you’ll enjoy higher returns with rents often in access of over £400pcm – these figures hugely out weigh major cities like London on NET returns.

Property to go for: Terraced Houses & flats in areas of regeneration with good local and necessary amenities (like schools & employment) nearby

Yield to aim for: 10% or above – be greedy

An experienced investor would say: Don’t forget DSS. Remember you are renting to people that potentially cannot afford to buy property outright, so the benefits are that you are more likely to rent for longer periods, meaning less voids allowing for capital appreciation longer term whilst yielding well above your mortgage costs. DSS tenants are great because rents are guaranteed from councils often paid directly to you. Finally don’t overdo it with fixtures and fittings, keep it clean and simple and keep a flow of money untouched for any happenings like boilers breaking or plumbing & electrical issues.

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Terraced house for sale in Grimsby

Purchase price: £39,995

Terraced House for sale in Hull

Purchase price: £44,500

Terraced house for sale in Millom, Cumbria

Purchase price: £45,000

Terraced house for sale in Middlesbrough

Purchase price: £45,500

Flats for sale in South Shields

Purchase price: £46,000 (from)

Terraced house for sale in Chester le Street

Purchase price: £50,000

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